‘Would You Like Some Ice?’ More Hotels Take The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is showing no signs of slowing down. The viral video campaign has gone from your Facebook friends to friends of your Facebook friends to kids of your Facebook friends to celebrities, athletes, pop stars and anyone else who feels like getting noticed for pouring ice water over their heads. And

This is The Part When We Break Free…Until Tuesday

It’s our weekly wrap-up, Check-Out Folio where we round up the best (Credits in folio-speak) and worst (Charges) hotel news of the week. [In my best Ariana Grande voice] “This is the part when I break free” until Tuesday since it’s Labor Day on Monday. So sit tight . Got a scoop? Or just want

Gourmet Towers of the World: Fusion von Swissôtel Nankai Osaka und Restaurant 181 in München

Allerhöchste Kulinarik. Im Sinne des Wortes: Sterneköche aus den höchsten Restaurants der Welt stehen gemeinsam hinter dem Herd und begeistern ihre Gäste. Otto Koch, Patron des Restaurants 181 im Münchner Olympiaturm empfing den Küchenchef vom Swissôtel Nankai in Osaka, Masahiko Ikebe. Im Rahmen der “Gourmet Towers of the World” verwöhnten die beiden gestern Abend ihre

Gefüllte Ente mit Calvados-Äpfeln und Tenute Costa DueCorti Barolo

Locker, leicht, lecker: Ente im Frühling! Die bevorstehenden Ostertage sind ein willkommener Anlass, mal wieder eine Ente ins Ofenrohr zu schieben. Eine Barbarie-Ente bietet sich an, sie ist dafür einfach die geeignetste Entenart. Als Zubereitungsart entscheiden wir uns allerdings mal nicht für eine klassische deutsche oder eine asiatische Version. Wir greifen zur französischen Variante der

Der Chiemsee ruft: Formidables Frühlingserwachen bei Golf & Fine Dining

Kleine unschuldige weisse Bälle prügeln: Die Sonnenstrahlen wärmen wieder die Erde, der Schnee schmilzt, die Greenkeeper bringen die Plätze wieder in einen Top-Zustand. Jetzt ist die richtige Zeit, wieder den Schläger zu schwingen, endlich wieder Golf zu spielen. Der Chiemsee ist dafür ein perfekter Ort. Für Le Gourmand – Das Geniesser-Magazin testete Gastautorin Elsa Honecker

London: Inside the Hoxton Holborn, Opening September 25

Having opened reservations earlier this summer, the Hoxton Holborn is now just a month away from opening, with the official date being September 25. Not only did we hear that directly from the hotel, we also had a chance to step inside and see for ourselves how the east London favorite travels to a midtown

Was macht die Barbarie-Ente so besonders wertvoll?

Was ist die Barbarie-Besonderheit? Warum legen Köche so viel wert auf die Barbarie-Ente? Was macht sie für Feinschmecker so begehrenswert? Fragen, denen eine Runde von Journalisten im Rahmen eines Enten-Menüs bei Alfons Schubeck auf den Grund ging. Der im voraus groß angekündigte Maître höchstselbst allerdings war verhindert, was der Qualität des Essens in den Südtiroler

1020 Vienna: Funky Friday: The 3D Art Ceiling At Sofitel Vienna Stephansdom

Consider a neck massage after an evening stroll or during a stay at Sofitel Vienna Stephansdom, whose ceilings come alive like we’ve never seen before but would like to Welcome to Funky Friday, a new segment we’re trying out which features one photo that we think singularly expresses a hotel’s inner psyche. We look for,

Check-Out Folio: Where to Stay in Istanbul (Not Constantinople)

It’s our weekly wrap-up, Check-Out Folio where we round up the best (Credits in folio-speak) and worst (Charges) hotel news of the week. Got a scoop? Or just want to share a recent hotel story? Tell us all about it! CREDITS · DRINK UP: HOTEL COCKTAIL WEEK(S) IS HERE! · HOTELCHATTER’S MUST-STAY HOTELS FOR ISTANBUL

New York: All About That Basil: Go On a Basil Cocktail Crawl at These NYC Hotels

It’s no secret that we love drinking in hotels here at HotelChatter. In fact, hotels might be our favorite “local.” So all this week and next, we’ll be pouring out some drinks for you during our second Hotel Cocktail Week(s) — newly-expanded because there’s just so many drinks to share. We’ll be posting quirky cocktails,

How to enjoy a stay at a lake-side hotel

Vacation is probably the best time of one’s life. This is the time when you can stay away from life’s usual hum-drum and rat race. Travelling to new places and discovering its beauty is the essential part of a vacation or holiday. And this vacation becomes even more interesting when one is planning to visit a place that is blessed with the best landscapes such as a natural lake. Lake means a beautiful reservoir of fresh water that is bestowed upon by Mother Nature itself. So if you planning to spend your next vacation on a holiday destination having a lake, then we have just the right tips to give you.

To get the best view of a lake, firstly you need to ensure that you stay in a lake-side hotel. Hotel undoubtedly becomes your home for the few days of vacationing. So choose your hotel with a lot of caution and care keeping in view all your requirements pertaining to food, loggings and logistics. Once you have selected the hotel with the best lake side view, you need to gear up to enjoy your stay to the fullest!

Before giving you tips on how you can enjoy your stay at a lake side view hotel, the most important thing is to know is likes, dislikes and the purpose of your journey. If you are staying at a lake side hotel for attending some business meetings, then the best way you can enjoy your stay is to sit in your hotel balcony and get mesmerized by the beauty of Mother Nature. It’ll also relieve you from the business pressures and you’ll feel contented and blissful.

Now for those who are staying at the lake side hotel wholly and solely for the purpose of sheer adventure, we have a lot of things in kitty for you. The most obvious thing that lake water offers is the opportunity to go for swimming. Swimming means a great adventure and a lovely exercise, so for all the swimmers, a lake side hotel gives the best opportunity to get into your swim suites. Secondly, the people who don’t like to swim can go for fishing. Yes, lakes are a wonderful place for setting your fishing hands and grabbing some of the best fishes. Various lake side hotels even offer a guide that gives you valuable tips before you try your hands on fishing.

The best thing that a lake-side hotel offers is the option to indulge in various water sports. Jet skiing can be a great option especially when the lake is bigger one and you can also rent a boat for a day or so to enjoy the fresh water of lake with a large variety of amazing aquatic animals. This kind of experience is extremely enriching especially when you are accompanied by your kids. For the elderly ones you can ask the hotel staff to make arrangements for their proper sitting facing the lake, so that they can also enjoy their stay at a lake-side hotel to the fullest.

So if all this has got you itching to dive into a lakeside hotel break, we recommend The Belsfield hotel, one of the best hotels in the lake district. Perfectly situated at Kendal Road, Bowness-on Windermere, LA23 3EL, with stunning views of the beautiful Lake Windermere. To book, give them a call on 084 4736 8604 or visit their website.

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